West, East & North

West, East & North

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Here’s an article in english, since the last article was in French and most of my french friends know how to speak english that was a little unfair, sorry grandma I’ll translate for you in person.

So since we were done with the south and central coasts, the others 3 were to be done. Starting from wanaka, the most logical way ( yeah sometimes we have a little sparkle of common sense ) was to go up on the west coast then join the east in Christchurch to finish up in the north. So here we go !

West coast Best coast




After 2 wonderful weeks spent working in the Florence’s Cafe and an exchange of gift ( yummy food versus pictures ! ) we finally took the road to the west. After a quick stop at Rob Roy glacier, we went straight up to the Fox glacier then Franz Josef glacier ( love to chill ). Two Israeli guys we met in Rob Roy told us about a hike with hot pools and hut on top after a 7h hike called Copland track. Free hot pools with scenery ? hell yeah. And it was indeed amazing, worth the pretty demanding 36km hike. So good that we met those 2 guys on our way down doing the track again !

Copland Track Hot pools

Copland Track Hot pools

We have never deserved a good burger as much as after this. And this science fiction Polish movie subtitle in Czech, Sex Machine, that we found in the hostel we were staying in along those 3 random people we took in our van on our roadtrip. In order, the most noteworthy points : Domino’s pizza in Greymouth, the hostel’s collection of DvD in Hokitika ( oh and glowworms), Pancake Rocks in Punaikaki ( where we dropped Mande, actin’ crazy ), to eventually take a very scenic road crossing Arthur’s Pass where I can finally give the wheel to someone else in the person of Emma, the dirty roastbeef !

East coast Dead Coast


Once in Christchurch, we decided not to stay. And we tried hard. So after a little turn to Akaroa where a French Festival was on ( Akaroa used to be a hideaway for french pirates, oh yar ! ) and some good crepes later, we drove with Kay the ‘murican up to Kaikoura to meet Emma again. A very lovely place, where by jogging you can see a lot of seals, if you’re skilled enough not to step on the dead ones. Or the dead ducks. But we gotta keep driving and the british told us abot a wine tasting in the Malborough wine region on bikes. Riding drunk in vineyards ? Sounds like a plan.

We then randomly end up in Emma’s hostel ( you won’t escape from us ) in Blenheim, and did this magical ride trying to sound sophisticated when tasting Sauv Blank, Cab and Pyno Noar. The longer it lasts, the funnier it gets. We even played pétanque, what a wonderful day.



The Abel Tasman 5 days track was teasing us for long… well teasing me since even though I talked about it for long Nicolas realised we were doing it once on the spot. So we packed our various meals ( noodles and noodles ), booked the 3 campsites, left Kay somewhere and took the track. We had to compose our trip with the tide times, which made us go on cruise mode. We spent our last night fighting to survive against ferocious Wekas that tried to steal our food. We defended ourselves bravely elaborating advanced hunting techniques with fire, towels and flashlight but we had to retreat in our tent when the possums showed up, outnumbered and weakened from our restless battle.


Golden Bay on Abel Tasman

Exhausted and very stinky, we were eager to find the closest Domino’s pizza which was in Nelson where we met Kay again. Spent there a couple of nights in the Paradisio hostel, with free soup, breakfast, pool, jacuzzi and sauna for 17-23$ a night, yup. A nice way to say goodbye to the South Island before taking the ferry to Wellington.


Sunny day in Windy Welli

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